Vibra Pro 5500 – Most Popular Home Model

The redesigned Vibra Pro 5500 is now available for everyone, from the home user to the commercial fitness centers.   A very affordable machine that provides the unforgettable experience of Oscillating Vibration Training.  With the new wider plate for added amplitude, users can now achiever ever faster results with weight loss and muscle training.  Featuring ultra quiet operation, with a frequency of 0 – 56Hz, a 2.8 HP Ricco motor, 28 levels and 5 programs, there isn’t much more users could ask for.

Used by individuals and professionals alike, you will quickly be seeing the results you desire.  Benefits with the whole body vibration from this machine can include:

  • increased flexibility and improved range of motion in muscles and joints as well as  reduced stiffness and easing of tight muscles
  • increase your muscle mass and muscle tone
  • stronger muscles mean better co-ordination and control
  • improve your balance and core stability
  • relax tired and tight muscles
  • improve bone density for stronger bones
  • increase circulation to all muscles and organs
  • improve lymphatic drainage which will aid in removing toxins from the body, eliminate lactic acid waste and encourage improved bowel function

With all the added features of the Vibra Pro 5500, this has quickly become our most popular model of choice for home users.

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